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Find your cofounder at small participatory events

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LFC.DEV is starting out by focusing on those who have previously started at least one company. You do not need a big exit, or to have raised millions, but we do want to see that you spent a couple years working your ass off at least once before.

If this isn’t you, that’s fine. You can still sign up, just please be aware you will be prioritized last for event spots. We also encourage you to go and create a company and work on something in the meantime. It’s an amazing learning experience.

We plan to expand this in the future but are intentionally starting with a small target audience.

How it works

You sign up

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Tell us what you want to work on and with whom

Attend Events

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We organize small events focused on active participation

Cofounder Found

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After meeting someone you like a few times you pick one another

Get on a 🚀

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The hard work of building a company begins. Good luck.

Connect with your future.